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Did you know that 60% of local business like yours struggle to get more customers and not able to survive within 3 years?

In fact, most business still using the SPRAY & HOPE strategy in reaching out their dream customers.

There's nothing wrong with this method as it's the only ways that most businesses learn to copycat from others. Let's see

  • Business signage  (cost Rm2+++ )
  • Banners (cost Rm8++ per)
  • Flyers and Brochures (cost Rm5++)
  • Local Directory (Cost Rm 8++)
  • Billboard ( Cost over Rm20,+++)


Great right? Yes. But yet you still struggling to get more customers and grow your business.

Ask yourself can you tell how many of your potential customers see your offering and take action on it.


Do you feel like no matter what you do to get more customers it's just out of your reach?

Despite what you may think, you're not alone.

if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's a simple method that could be the answer to your problems and it can be found in this ebook.

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Simple! first of all, we understand your business struggles and when we first started we had the same experience, the sleepless night, the constant roller coaster of emotion until we found this new marketing blueprint that shortens our journey.

Second of all just take a look at this big brands, what do they have in common

  • Google
  • Facebook, Instagram and others social platform.
  • Phone operating system (Android)
  • Free TV, radio and much more other stuff. (the old days)

They all FREE right?

YES, and they also share their value upfront which is why tonnes of people love their brand and keep using their service repeatedly.

Your business could have the same advantage just by acquiring future insights of brand building on the digital platform. 

This guide also could allow you to have more freedom of time and some peace of mind once your business runs in auto-mode in generating revenue.



Look! ...ask yourself.

Are you one of the top smart business owners like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Buffet..and yada..yada..yada

(you know who I'm talking about) ?

if your answer is yes then you need to ask this to yourself

Are they in their own business

or are they ON TOP of their own BUSINESS which runs by someone else?


If your answer is the second one then you may want to read further or you can just simply go straight click the button and DOWNLOAD THE FREE GUIDE.

otherwise just stop reading here and keep doing your stuff the old fashion way because this is not for you.

Nothing wrong that's normal because not everyone has a big goal for their business.

But if you are BOLD and want to be the LEADERS while staying far ahead of your competition this guide is for you.

Inside this ebook you will discover

  • Why you need a website that can turn visitors to customers.
  • How social media platform can create mouth of the word for your service.
  • Get tonnes of enquiries for your service or fully book appointment every week.
  • Solve my marketing issues and it runs it on auto mode
  • Why e-mail marketing could skyrocket your business.
  • And much, much more!

Fortune Favour Those With Speed


What readers are saying about this book

Marzida Mohd Noor

Success Principles, Director

Simply brilliance, I have met various so-called gurus but they only focus on a minimal thing, but this guide is like a roadmap. 

Wan Marlieyna

Orchid Scarf, Founder

This helps me to improve my sales a lots from online to my offline store.


CEO, Hermosa

This guide allows me to understand the strategic ways to reach my potential customers and make them rave about my brand.

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